Waterway ProClean Plus Single Cartridge

Filter | 100 Sq. Ft. 100 GPM | PCCF-100

Designed for in-ground installations, the ProClean Cartridge Filter has a raised inlet for extra dirt holding capacity and clean easy plumbing from the pump. Molded of ABS thermoplastic, the ProClean Cartridge Filter will provide years of dependable service.
One of Waterway’s most popular filters is now even better… with NEW handle design, lock-nut mechanism & much more!
  • NSF Listed
  • 2″ FPT inlet and outlet for more flow
  • Waterway’s Safety Lock Ring System for fast, easy access to filter internals
  • Lid lock-ring handle makes removing the lid easy and safe
  • Internal design for more dirt holding capacity for longer cleaning cycles
  • Drain plug is 3/4″, can install a standard 3/4″ hose valve for draining
  • “Start-Service” dial on stainless steel pressure gauge
  • Ergonomic handle makes lid removal easier
  • Horizontal stainless steel gauge protected by recessed pocket
  • Double O-ring manual air relief
  • Redesigned lock-nut with double locking mechanism provides ease of serviceability
  • Fiber-reinforced lid and UV resistant material for body and lid
  • Larger drain ports – 2 1/2″ buttress complete with 2″ buttress unions
  • Improved internal inlet diffusers allow more water across cartridge surface for increased filtration efficiency and energy savings
  • Easy access in-ground cartridge internals
  • Raised 18″ Inlet for clean 90° plumbing from pump
Pool Turnover
Filtration AreaFlow Rate6 Hours8 Hours
100 sq. ft.100 GPM36,00048,000


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