Emaux CF100 Cartridge Filter

Filter Area               : 9.40 m²
Valve Connections : 2.0” | 63mm
Max Flow Rate        : 382 lpm  | 100 gpm  | 22.9 m³/h
Dimension.              : 985mm x 927mm x 225mm

EMAUX’s innovative design and advanced technology offer superior filtration performance and crystal clear water. Max Series filters are blown at one-piece with high density polyethylene for its heavy duty performance and reliability.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • UV resistant tank
  • Heavy duty ring-lock lid allows easy cleaning and replacement of the cartridge element
  • Screw type air bleeder for easy removal of trapped air inside the filter tank
  • High-quality oil-filled pressure gauge for easy inspection of the operation pressure
  • Application to domestic swimming pool & spa
  • Maximum Working Pressure 250kPa /36psi /2.5bar
  • Maximum Water Temperature 40°C (100°F)

Cartridge Element: CF100-CE


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