Php 780



Techno Dry 100 is a low foam general rinse additive for mechanical ware washing. It is an acidic drying agent that assists in free rinsing of glassware, silverware and dishes in all types of water conditions.

Techno Dry 100 is an acidic drying agent which reduces hard and alkaline water film deposits from flatware, dishware and glassware by improving water sheeting action. This sheeting action allows the rinse water to drain before the dissolved solids content in the water has had an opportunity to precipitate on wares as spots,streaksandultimatelyfilm. TechnoDry100preventandreducesuch filming.

Techno Dry 100 contains a blend on nonionic surfactants which promotes rapid drying and foam control in the dishwasher. It is blended to produce sparkling, spot free glasses, cutlery and dishware.


  • Speeds water sheeting action – Provides film free glassware, silverware and dishes.
  • Speeds drying time of wares – Provides more efficient dishwashing operations
  • Controls foam – Performance of pre-scrapper and wash pumps are improved.