Php 790


Manual liquid Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser
User friendly ‘Lever button’ pump design.
Stylish design that suits all environment.
Wide open top reservoir for easy cleaning and refilling.
Regulated push pump that allows more than 800’single shot’ per 800ml
The tough clear reservoir is suitable for use with most soaps and easy viewing of soap level.
No lockable cover for easy refilling.

Item Code : MS 1000


– Cover : Impact resistant ABS for strength and durability

– Reservoir : Transparent fo wide content compatility..

– Backplate : Impact resistant ABS

– Pump : Acetal resin with integral check to prevent leakage.

– Colour : White and transparent

– Dimension : 110mm(L) x 35mm(W) x 170mm(H)

– Packing : 30 nos per carton